Meet riley

Large | Adult | Male

Black Mouth-Cur Mix

"Hi everyone, My name is Riley! I’m a big boy with an even bigger heart looking for a forever home. Despite my size I am still just a pup; I’m a 2 year old, neutered, Black-Mouth Cur mix. I am in great health and up to date on my shots. I’m full of energy and I love to go on walks and play play play. I do tend to pull on my leash when I see other dogs but only because I love to make new dog friends. Did I mention that I am also a dancer? Whether I know you or we just met I have a habit of jumping up and trying to do a little tango. When I’m not trying to bust a move I love to cuddle and lay around the house. Like all dogs, I’m a cutie, but I’m not perfect. I must admit that I am possessive over my toys and sometimes I take things that are not mine. I have been experiencing some growing pains recently, and I’ve outgrown my current home. I’m looking for a new owner who has some experience training a high-energy pup like myself.

My dream forever home would be with someone or with a couple, preferably without small children, who can dedicate themselves to working with me and guiding me to become the best boy I can possibly be.  From the tips of my buttery soft ears all the way down to my big doofy paws I know I am good boy and I can be an even better boy in time. It would mean the world to me if you could contact my dear friend Caryn about adopting me! She’s very friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have about me. You can call or text her at 845-372-8534 or email her at

I hope to hear from you soon! Have a pawsome day!"

* NOTE: This is a COURTESY POST. All information is provided by the contact. Mighty Mutts is not responsible for accuracy.