Happy July Fourth, From Stanley

There are many famous Stanleys who receive love and adulation from the crowd. Unfortunately, for the last ten years, our Stanley was not one of them. Stanley is a sweet beagle who was abandoned multiple times due to no fault of his own. He was ignored by a family who decided they no longer wanted him because he was getting older. As the years progressed, he was losing sight in both of his eyes. While this was the time that he should have been the most cared about, he was instead neglected and living in the dark. He was taken in by a rescue group with good intentions, but unfortunately they were overcrowded and didn't have the capacity to help him. So once again, Stanley was alone. One can only imagine how sad and confused Stanley was feeling. During this time, he was also diagnosed as being completely blind. When Mighty Mutts was contacted, Stanley's future looked very dim. It was difficult to get him comfortable and acclimated to yet another new environment. Luckily, he was sharing a room with another rescued pup and started to come out of his shell. We began to notice that there were moments where we thought that he might be seeing shadows. We were determined to find out, so we took him to a specialist. The surgeon told us that he could probably perform cataract removal. The results could possibly yield a year of sight improvement. Although a year may sound minor to many people, for a pup like Stanley it represented the chance at a new "leash" on life. Stanley had the surgery at a cost of $5970. Since his recovery, his vision has grown by 20%. He literally came out of the darkness and into some light. He can now see some shapes of toys he can play with and yummy treats he can eat. Stanley is now ready for his FUREVER home! While there are no guarantees for his vision, there are never truly guarantees in life for any of us. For right now, Stanley has a chance to not only feel the sun on his beautiful face, but to also see it in whatever form he can.