A Four Legged Cinderella Story

This is a four legged Cinderella story.

But far better than meeting just one Prince, our Cinderella ended up with two fabulous Fairy Godmothers.

Once upon a terrible time, there was a tiny pup abandoned in a dank, dark shack in the back- woods of Kentucky. It was the middle of February, and there was no heat or electricity. She was tied up inside and left to die. By some miracle of divine intervention, one of our volunteers was visiting relatives there at the time and decided to take a leisurely stroll. About fifteen minutes into the walk, the volunteer heard wails in the distance. She walked over to the shack and opened the decrepit door. She couldn’t believe what she found. There was a small, emaciated bulldog whimpering in the corner. The woman untied her and noticed that she cried every time she tried to take a step.

The woman called her relatives, and they came with their nephew’s wagon so they could wheel her out of the shack. She was starving and barely alive. They rushed her to the vet and found out that she was about ten years old. Her leg had been broken in three places, and she weighed a mere eighteen pounds. She looked like a skeleton.

She also had some issues with her eyes. This cruelty was clearly the result of a wicked stepmother or father.