MEET Lilibean

Small | Adult | Female


Lilybean is an affectionate, 13-year-old Maltese who needs a new home and someone to cuddle. She has lived all of her life with a retiree but her previous owner is now in a situation where she can no longer care for her. Lily, is the type of dog who loves everybody. She will become very attached to anyone that consistently takes her out for walks and spends time with her. Once Lilybean gets to know you, she will want to remain by your side. Her previous owner didn’t leave the house much so she is simply used to having people around all of the time. Lili does not like to be left alone. If left alone, she tends to bark and howl for hours at a time. She is active but because arthritis in her rear legs she has a tough time with some stairs.

Lili is used to being walked twice a day. Because of her age, she does need to use a wewe-pad at least once a day.  Keep in mind, she can get confused between we-we pads and carpets. 

Lili gets along with most dogs but because of her age tends to steer clear of younger pups or dogs that are very active. She is good with babies, wary of small children and has never shown any signs of aggression to anyone ever. 

She doesn't have a special diet, allergies or is on any mandatory medication. She is currently on Trazodone to help her deal with her recent move to NYC from the suburbs.

For more information, email or call 212-875-7538.

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