MEET kali

Medium | Adult | Female

Spayed | Up to date with routine shots

Good with: cats

Best in a home without: unknown

Litter Box Trained

Kali is 5 and half years old and also has no health issues. She does, however suffer from hyperaesthesia, a neuro/psychological condition that causes her to vocalize loudly, and on occasion bite at her tail/rear end. This happens occasionally and is more likely to occur during times of stress. While it sounds alarming it poses no risk to her health and she does not harm herself during these episodes. She is, most importantly, not in pain despite how dramatic it seems. It’s almost a type of kitty tourettes. We find that Feliway products are most helpful (collars, diffusers and sprays) and would be useful during the adoption process. Once she’s comfortable in her new home, these episodes are infrequent and she is very affectionate and playful. Kali and Storm have lived together their whole lives, but have been uprooted by the death of not one but two owners. We would love to get them adopted together, but it is not necessary as they are not close. We simply would like to give them both a sense of familiarity going into a new home. 

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