Meet jiji

Medium | Adult | Female

Spayed | Up to date with routine shots

Good with: some cats, some dogs

Best in a home without: kids

Litter Box Trained

JiJi's name is abbreviated from Good Girl (GG, now JiJI). She absolutely loves to be pet under her chin and on her forehead. At around 1 to 2 years old, Jiji is an explorer and likes to investigate her surroundings, assuring everything is right with the world. Jiji enjoys sitting in a window and watching the hustle and bustle on the NYC streets. She relishes her time laying in a sun and sometimes just plops herself wherever she sees fit to lounge, stretch and roll around like a happy cat should. JiJi loves to take a nice sprint down a straightway whenever the mood strikes her. Her foster Mom says she is very respectful of her cat friendly dog. They coexist very nicely and get their own attention from their foster mom individually. 

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