MEET Hunnie

Large | Adult | Female

Pitbull/Boxer Mix

Hunnie needs to find a new home ASAP due to landlord issues! Her current owner writes:

“Hunnie is a sweet 5 year old pit bull boxer mix. I got her at the age of 5 month in November 2012. I named her hunnie due to her fur color and because she is super sweet. Hunnie is obedient for the most part. She sits and stays and will come when called. She has no food aggression. I used to take her on walks a lot off the leash with other dogs. I still take her every now and then She used to pull but no longer does that. My daughters can now walk her with no problem they are 13 and 11 years old . She loves to look for snacks where ever she can get it from. You can say she is very curious when it come to snacks lol. But she is super friendly with everyone loves to be rubbed by anyone that is willing to do it. Bad habit she loves to chew tissue you can get it from her just tell her to drop and she will.”

Hunnie is spayed and fully vetted.

For more information, email or call 212-875-7538.

* NOTE: This is a COURTESY POST. All information is provided by the contact. Mighty Mutts is not responsible for accuracy.