our Foster Program

Mighty Mutts rescues dozens of dogs each year (many are the much maligned pit bull), and many need long-term care and special treatment due to their prior abuse. Others however, are well-adjusted and ready for their forever homes. By fostering a dog for us, you are helping us to save another animal in need.



Our dogs tend to be 35 pounds or more and we lean toward helping pit bull and pit bull mixes - a much maligned and misunderstood breed. Understand that our rescues may be sweet but they are not pets - yet, that's where the foster comes in. You don't have to have a backyard, a large house or apartment you just need to have love, understanding, patience and the desire to help the dog know kindness, a loving home and grow emotionally to be a dog. In general, fosters should have no other animals or young children, remember these are rescues. Additionally, fosters will be responsible for daily care of the dog. We will cover any medical needs. Fosters will also need to bring their foster dog on Saturdays to Union Square for the adoption drives. And, finally - keep in touch with us, let us know how your foster pup is doing, if there are any concerns or problems. 


Most of our cats do well at Ollie's Place, our cat adoption center in the East Village. It is a high-traffic area that allows lots of exposure for our adoptable cats. Occasionally, we have a cat that would do better in a home environment. In these situations, we do require foster homes. Because cats generally have a harder time adapting, we ask that cat fosters be available for a minimum of three months. 

Mighty Mutts conducts thorough screenings of potential adopters so while some animals are adopted quickly, many processes can take more than a month or two. We do on occasion have a need for temporary fosters (overnights, a weekend). Please remember, fostering is a commitment, but it is a rewarding experience for the foster, as well as the dog or cat in need.    



Please complete a foster application by following the link below. If we have an animal that matches your situation, we'll be in touch within 14 days. 
You can contact us with specific questions about fostering here: info@mightymutts.org