Meet Hadoop

Medium | Adult | Male

Mixed Breed

My name is Hadoop. My family is very strange and named me after a computer programming technology. I've been with my family for the past 7 years after being rescued from the Humane Society in Florida when I was 1 years old. I've often been described as smart, energetic, and anxious.

I'm smart because of all the tricks I've been able to learn and how I have wrapped my family around my paws.

I'm energetic because I love going for walks, playing fetch, and exploring my neighborhood. Of course, I'm always happy to end these activities with a cuddle on the couch.

I'm described as anxious because noises in my building's hallway, reflections of light, and other dogs scare me and cause me to bark at them.

After 7 wonderful years with my family, I'm looking for a new family who is able to dedicate time to me without another animal or little human who makes a lot of strange movements, smells, and noises.

If you can help me out, please contact my friend Kylie by emailing!

* NOTE: This is a COURTESY POST. All information is provided by the contact. Mighty Mutts is not responsible for accuracy.