Meet Buddha

Medium | Adult | Male

Shiba Inu

Buddha is a seven year Shiba inu who is brand new to the sights and sounds of Manhattan. Each week Buddha attends an adoption drive, he discovers one more new thing and becomes less and less scared. Buddha was a house dog, and as such is incredibly well trained in basic obedience and leash walking. He loves squeaky toys, but his very favorite things to play with are stuffed animals--he loves to carry them around in his mouth and shower them with attention. He hopes to find a new forever family that will shower him with the same attention he shows his "babies," while also helping him to see at least one new thing about the city each day. 

Buddha is an escape artist who is exceptionally talented at freeing himself from his crate. He would prefer a family that is experienced in dealing with a magician dog of his caliber, and/or someone works from home or can be with him to hang out for the majority of the day. Due to his past, Buddha would like to be placed as an only pet so that he can relish in all of the solo attention his forever family has to give. He is housebroken, neutered, and up to date on all routine vaccinations.