Signing up to be a barker?? Fantastic! We’re so excited to have your help to draw the public’s attention when we are at our weekly adoption drives! Please keep in mind the following things:

  • Barkers are Saturday only volunteers, at our weekly dog adoption drive. Hours of this adoption drive are from approximately 11am to 5pm. We welcome barkers at any time during these hours for any duration.
  • Barkers are not permitted to hold the leashes of the dogs; however, you may pet any dog if their handler okays it. If you would like to handle dogs yourself, please go here: Volunteering with Dogs
  • In the subject line of your email on the form below, please state that you are signing up to bark so that your message is directed to the correct person.
  • In the body of the email, let us know the dates and times you are available so we can sign you up! Someone will email you back to confirm. 
  • Here’s a sample script that you can print out and bring with you, but you can also make up your own using these ideas! We’ve had volunteers come up with some really fun things to say, so ask around when you come out if you need some additional ideas. “Adopt a dog, adopt a cat! If you can't adopt, then donate today! Mighty Mutts is a volunteer, not for profit, no kill rescue group. Every dollar donated goes directly to helping these animals get the homes they so richly deserve. We need homes, volunteers, and donations to keep going week after week. Every dog you see her is up for adoption, so come say hello! Help Mighty Mutts save the strays of New York City!!!”
  • Thanks again for helping out!
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