Adopt a Pet

Thank you for your interest in adopting your new family member from us! Mighty Mutts is a no-kill organization. We rescue stray dogs and cats from the streets to provide them with food, shelter and any needed medical treatment. When brought back to health, these very special animals are made available for adoption into permanent, loving homes.

All too often, people decide to adopt a dog or cat on impulse, not realizing that their split-second decision is one that they and their pet will have to live with for the rest of their lives. All potential owners must be fully aware of the responsibilities involved in having a pet, such as daily exercise, visits to the veterinarian, and finding reliable care when they must be away. Most importantly, they must understand that adopting a pet is not like buying a sweater: a pet cannot be returned just because it seemed cuter in the store. For this reason: Mighty Mutts never permits the immediate adoption of an animal.  



  1. Visit us at our adoption drive to find your mighty mutt or Ollie's Place to find your purrfect match.
  2. Complete an application. Please find the both the dog and cat applications below.
  3. Our Adoption Coordinator reviews all completed applications.
  4. If your application sounds like a good match, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you for a phone interview within 14 days.
  5. If your application still sounds like a good match, a home visit will be conducted.
  6. If the application is approved, then there is a simple paperwork process to complete.
  7. Take your new family member home!

what else do i need to know?

  • For all dog adoptions, we require permanent child safety guards on every window in the apartment. We can advise you on how to get these installed.
  • For all cat adoptions, we require permanent window screens on every window in the apartment. We can also advise you on getting these installed.
  • If you have had a pet recently, we generally check your vet references.
  • The adoption fee is $275 for dogs, and $200 for cats. Fee covers spay/neuter and routine vaccines.